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February 2, 2009 1:57 pm Published by

Hello friends and social compatriots,

I have wanted to post on here for some time, but always managed to forget, not remember my password or convinced myself that whatever I found wasn’t funny enough.  The more time that past without posting, the more perfect the posting had to be.  I had developed a nasty case Brugblog anxiety. . . 

Then the stars aligned, God threw me a bone, or whatever the hell you believe in; but I found myself Minnesota for a wedding and that’s where I stumbled across Viva and Jerry Beck’s Country Videos.  Or maybe they found me on that cold evening; but it took only a few seconds of Jerry singing, “She was Closer to 90 than 19 years old,” and I was hooked.  Though this isn’t the same magical episode I saw, I am confident in saying this is quite simply the greatest television program ever.  I look forward to further researching and possibly corresponding with these two American treasures.

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  • Brian says:

    Good find, Brice. I think bells and noisemakers are what are missing from “Boozin with Susan.”

  • Rachel says:

    Ha…I didn’t realize this was you until Brian’s post….I was like, who the heck is Kate? I wish you’d stop fake naming people.

  • kelly says:

    brice, i know you’re going to yell at me, because here i am cruisin’ the bruce and still not watching viva and jerry’s — but my roommates are asleep, so i can’t rock the sound on the computer.

    besides, part of me really wants to see how long you plan to go without speaking to me (yes others, that was kate’s threat), my guess is that you can’t hold out until the dixie “museum” and you certainly won’t make it all weekend because i have a secret weapon… rachel requested that i bring 13 dead end drive with us.

    best. game. ever.