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February 1, 2009 10:27 am Published by

A couple of years ago one of my buddies (and by buddies I mean people I’ve never met in real life but interact with on a regular basis through online gaming) sent me to  Go there, type in an artist’s name or song, and it creates a playlist of other artists and songs with “musical DNA” similar to your selection.  It starts off with your selection and then presents you with a pseudo-radio station that evolves from what you entered.  It’s good for two reasons.  You can have the mock radio station playing in the background when you’re in the mood from some ambient music and are worried that the Norah Jones folder in your iTunes might be abruptly followed by something from Metallica, and you might once in a while discover an artist that you’ve never heard of and might actually really like.  Or, if you’re Kevin, you’ll tell everyone to listen to them and then take all the credit when they blow up.

Again it’s

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