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I recently learned about all the updates that the new version of WordPress (the program that runs this site) has.  I also changed the settings to allow ya’ll to embed videos.  Chances are, if you weren’t able to put videos on the blog before, it was because of WordPress, not you.  I haven’t tested it yet, but if you want to embed a video:

1. type out the text you want in the post. (I like to add video last because if I go back to retype stuff in the post, the video code changes and doesn’t work)
2. Click the html tab that is above the box where your typing.
3. Copy the Embed code that YouTube or Myspace gives.
4. Paste it into the post you are typing and and click publish.

Let me know if anybody has any problems with the new look or posting videos.

The awesome picture above is Paul Rudd from a Vanity Fair shoot of the “new class of comedians.”

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