Slow Your Roll, PepsiCo

March 2, 2009 11:36 am Published by

Has everyone seen the new Pepsi logo?  I don’t like it that much and from just a little research, it seems like a lot of other people share my opinion.  One part of the craziness is the way the company that redesigned the logo pitched it to Pepsi (which people argue might be bogus too).  Either way, it pretty funny how the Arnell Group described the logo as some sort of legacy of humankind and science.  They compare the Pepsi logo to the Mona Lisa and the Golden Ratio.  What I think is weird (and didn’t realize till Joan pointed it out to me), is that the logo does not have any trademark symbol to it.  And maybe I am getting old and bad at doing interweb research, but I can’t find any article or anything that discusses Pepsi’s reasoning for that.  (I like to think that if I am curious about something, that someone else on the interweb has probably thought about it a while ago and already wrote something about it.) The only reasons I can think of are highly doubtful:

  • It’s a marketing move to encourage people to use it and spread it around.
  • Pepsi knows how bad the logo looks and isn’t fully committing to it.
  • Forgot, like I probably would.
  • There a huge international company, but don’t think registering a trademark is worth it.

For whatever reason, Pepsi has been rebranding their entire line of drink products.  Mountain Dew is now going to be called Mtn Dew.  Tropicana got a rebrand, but after much criticism from the ol’ “blogosphere,” the old package design was brought back. Crazy, huh!?!  Yah, your right, not really.

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