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littlemissneil It makes business sense that if something works, then find out what made it work and do it again. The entertainment industry gets criticized for this, but this is how the system works. One example I discovered today was this new “indie” movie called Sunshine Cleaning. They didn’t really need to say “from the people who brought you Little Miss Sunshine” when they are obviously the same thing. There is a dysfunctional family trying to make ends meet with a tell-it-like-it-is with scarcasm sibling and Alan Arkin as the crotchety father. Oh yeah, the fucking name also has Sunshine in it. The worst part is that this movie seems like something I want to watch.
I digress. The point is of this rant is that I have always thought of the band, The Yeah, Yeah Yeah’s, as a product of this business sense. I always thought that the only reason that the trio got a major record deal was because the music industry wanted further cash in on the success of a The Strokes. New York bands were getting popular in the 90’s and they wanted to see how profitable and “indie” band could be. Whether that is true or not, I never really gave them a chance. However I did get a hold of their first cd, Fever to Tell, and it is amazing.  The lead singer, Karen O, sings some pretty weird stuff, but it works really well with the songs.  They have a new cd coming out on March 31st, called It’s Blitz.  A couple blogs have posted that the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s myspace is streaming the entire album to listen to, but that promotion my be over now.  The myspace does have their cover of Sheena is a Punk Rocker they did for the War Child Heroes album.  There are bunch of the new songs on the HypeMachine if any of ya’ll are interested.

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  • Rachel says:

    The Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s have a pretty decent discography. While Fever to Tell might be their most widely known album, they do have a few others.

    They are also featured on Rock Band….if that does anything for you.