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I am no authority on remixes, but I have recently been obsessed with a remix artist/group called R.A.C., or the Remix Artist Collective.  It is comprised of a couple dudes from all over who “reinterpret indie-rock songs by infusing them with danceable beats and dreamy instrumentation.”  I first heard of Lady Gaga when some blog put up a remix of “Just Dance,” which is better than the original.   I have been recently obsessed with their remix of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody.” Besides being a great remix, I also like it because I have heard the original too many times.  Head over to their website to see what they’ve done recently, Hype Machine to hear them, Brooklyn Vegan to get some older songs, or Stereogum to check out an album they made for the blog.

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  • Neil says:

    So while I was suppose to be doing homework last night I researched this R.A.C and it turns out that one of the members, André Allen Anjos, is in a inde-electronica band called The Pragmatic ( They are huge proponents of media sharing so you can download their debut album from them. They are a pretty interesting listen, they sound a lot like Postal Service (if you’re into that) especially on the first song.