Rental Car Rally!

June 1, 2009 12:18 pm Published by

competitive rental-car costume road trip from Chicago to Toronto?

From Thrillist:

‘…teams of two or more (who’re passive aggressively encouraged to ornament themselves via costume) will taxi their rides to a super-secret Chicago start point at midnight, snag a provisions briefcase filled w/ energy drinks, cigarettes, chaw, and beef jerky, then burn north along five checkpoints — sort of like a neo-underground railroad, except instead of freedom, it’s for the sweet energy drinks, cigarettes, chaw, and beef jerky. The race is scored on a 100 pt scale broken down into three categories: lowest mileage reading from start to finish (50 pts); “Team Style” judged on awesomeness of costume and closest “metaphorical consistency between the costume and the team’s rally vehicle” (40 pts, past winners include four dudes dressed as a wedding party); and 10 points for “Freelance”, which includes “spectacular feats of daring-do” like doing a sick jump over a canyon or climbing in the backseat and putting your complete trust in the rhythm method.’

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