Thanks, Kevin and Google Analytics

August 27, 2009 12:47 pm Published by

When I said that there were going to be changes coming to this blog, I apparently lied.  Nothing was done yet cause I was thinking that no one was reading it.  But after a recent trip to the Thatch, Kevin was telling me how he and a few others do still read it.  So I installed Google Analytics a couple days ago and have been re-reaffirmed about the readership.  Check it out: 18 people the other day!


Let me just say that point of this blog was never to get millions of page-views.  The real point is that people I know (and that’s probably about 18 people) see the funny shit I see.  The point of the blog is that next time I’m at the bar, I don’t have to tell Kevin to check something out on the internet when he gets home because he will already have seen it.

Anyways, enough of the Judy-Blume-ish self-esteem and whining, here are a bunch of things that I have been holding out on everyone:

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