True Life: I’m from Texas, and I’m better than MTV and EVERYONE ELSE!!

September 1, 2009 10:33 pm Published by

So recently, it came to my attention, that someone, who shall remain nameless, was recently in contact with MTV over a timely situation that MAY or may not have coincided with the filming of a show with a similar topic from the wildly popular documentary series true life, chronicling the true stories of men and women around the country. However, in a brash decision decided to turn down the opportunity to educate millions of young, impressionable americans, entertain mtv’s daytime viewing audience, and effectively DESTROY the hopes and dreams of his/her close friends, not only in their pursuit of a triumphant return to national telivision and mtv, but the quest for a short lived celebrity life, by joining the ranks of these fine individuals:

i hope you sleep well knowing now what could’ve been.

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