Cut in the Hill Gang

February 9, 2010 4:42 pm Published by

In my never-ending quest to find music/bands that Brian has not recommended or heard before I’ve had quite a few strikeouts, but I think finally I have found the band that will bring me out of this funk: The Cut In The Hill Gang (this seems to be their main home page which from the looks of it is an obscenely long obituary, to what? I’m not even sure because I haven’t even bothered to read it) . This little three piece suit comes all the way from Covington, KY. and they are led by a man named Johnny Walker (former member of the Soledad Brothers). Anyways, they have a few songs from their debut album called Hung Up on their MySpace page. Coincidentally they also happen to be on the same small record label, Little Room Records,  as The King Khan & BBQ Show.

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  • Matt says:

    I drank with Johnny Walker in Toledo, OH, last March. I asked him for a favor. Now Kevin has his autograph on the show poster. I only recognized the name Johnny Walker because Kevin had talked about the Soledad Brothers about 4 days before I left for the trip.

  • Brian says:

    This is the same Kevin who couldn’t listen to more than one song of the Soledad Brothers because he was “not into that Blues shit.”