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skullstinksLets start with the story. We were at a wonderful .357 String Band show in Milwaukee where I see a shirt that has the skull worked into the state of Wisonsin. I say “hey, thats neato burrito” and at the end of show asked the person wearing it where he got it. His friend’s immediate response was “Don’t fuckin’ tell him, dude.” Ellen and Kelly thought they could use their lady persuasion to get it out of them, but to no avail.

Now here is why I am angry: it seemed to be that the only reason these d-bags didn’t want to tell anyone was because they were so worried that if I, a guy in jeans and a collared shirt, knew where to get this shirt, then they wouldn’t be cool anymore because their outfits (which they seemed to have a lot of time invested into) were the only things defining them with some “scene.” One of the ways you keep things exclusive and unique is you price it high. You don’t keep things hip and exclusive by telling people that buy your product to “uh… don’t tell anyone where you got this.” I’m sure the person who made the shirt wouldn’t have a website that sells the shirts, many places/sites that are clearly promoting the shirt or have it easily searched for on Google if they didn’t want to sell a bunch of shirts. (They probably wouldn’t enjoy that I raped their design to use for the picture on the left, but I digress.) If I am being unreasonable or am wrong about anything, please correct me; I clearly just needed to rant.

And here is the point of this post: Hey, check out this cool shirt at http://wiskullsin.bigcartel.com/

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