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March 2, 2010 11:06 am Published by

Kinda like some other internet famous indie bands, the Strange Boys come highly recommended by a bunch of blogs all at the same time. I saw them on Rollo & Grady just the other day, then today saw a post in Berkeley Place about them. So I listened to a bunch of songs by them and am now continuing the little wildfire of recommendations for them. I agree with Berkeley that they have a great low-fi, 50s garage rock sound that is perfect for fans of Black Lips, Black Keys, and Jay Reatard. The lead singer has a very nasal voice that comes off as more endearing/unique than it does annoying; kinda like the Kings of Leon. You can stream their whole album at their label Rough Trade Records(Same label as Rox), or cop some songs over at the Hype Machine.

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