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So i took Sissa’s advice and tried Stumble Upon. I know how hard you work at finding new stuff, Brian, so I feel like I’m cheating. Nonetheless, I’m sure you’d want to hear some gems. 30 Rock came back with all expected hilarity, as I’m sure all know. If you haven’t seen Tracy Morgan on the Daily Show, you need to. ‘Cause someone gettin’ pregnant! Hulu also has about 60 episodes of NewsRadio, which are on a Hulu queue for me.

I’m really excited about Point Break Live, but nobody down here shares my enthusiasm. I’ll be home Saturday, so I need to see that as well as Cop Out, while we’re on the subject of Tracy Morgan.

It wouldn’t be a Bruce post without music right? I’ve listened to this song for months now at my friends place, and just got to downloading it myself. Miley’s “USA” and Biggie’s “Party and Bullshit” mash-up. Party and Bullshit in the USA. I definitely like it better than both originals.

Theres a new 30 for 30 on ESPN on at 8 tonight. Can’t say enough about these films. This one is about Reggie Miller vs. the Knicks.  8 points in 8 seconds to win in the playoffs? However, very little beats Scottie Pippen telling Spike Lee to park his keester. It’s gonna be a good week.

Sidednote, Tuesday is March 16. Or, 3:16 for those more WWF-minded. Stone-Cold Stunner your friends! It’s a St. Pats high school tradition.

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