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The Bruce Blog has become many things, one of which is Brian’s Frank-shop (Frankenstien+Photoshop) incorporation of my face (aka Neil-bombing). I’ll have to admit I was resentful because he took what I saw as the pinnacle of Photoshop capabilities (to put my face on cool shit). Well he took that idea and ran with it and has gotten a lot better than me, but times as well as trends change. I’ve been trying my hand at another Adobe program, After Effects (without boring you too much with descriptions it’s basically Photoshop for film/movies/video). And as much as Photoshop has to offer, After Effects can really bring shit to life (literally) imagine the possibilities of making videos that are funny even funnier. If you don’t believe me just watch this:

… and as funny as that is, just by adding light-sabers to the mix a whole new funny is created:

So with that being said I have moved my attention elsewhere, found my new calling, and taking Kristin’s comments post-viewing of the latter to heart “anything can be funny with light-sabers,” I now have a coupled goal: learn the skills necessary to incorporate light-sabers into any video and find the perfect canvas upon which to administer said skills.

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