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After the recent trip to Point Break Live, I thought this is kinda interesting (I also know this post would be interesting to some of the newer readers, aka D and Lys). Grease, a movie I didn’t appreciate till I realized how dirty it was, was a play that was originally written about Chicago. The first time it was preformed, it was at the old Kingston Mines. Rydel High was originally Taft High School (Go Eagles), the diner of the movie is originally Superdog and summer loving was originally at Foster Beach.

The point of bringing all this up is because I heard on Oldies 94.7 that Grease is being performed with the original script, here in Chicago. With some quick internet research, I think it is playing at the American Theater Company, at 1909 W. Byron. I can’t figure out when the new season starts and when tickets and dates are, but who’s interested?


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