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Housework Can Protect You From Breast Cancer

We completely realize this sounds like a fake study invented by some douchebags sitting around in a bar. That’s not the case, as far as we can tell.
A link between physical activity and protection from all kinds of diseases has been known for years in the medical community, right alongside the mind-blowing connection between breathing and not being dead. But in a UK study destined to be quoted by every Cheeto-eating jackass misogynist in the world until the end of days, the type of activity that protected women the most from breast cancer wasn’t sports or manual labor, but moderate housework.

The 2006 UK Cancer Research study on more than 200,000 women from nine European countries found that the women who spent 16 to 17 hours a week doing typical household chores like cooking or cleaning had a 20 percent reduced chance of developing breast cancer. And that’s just with menopausal patients. The risk of breast cancer in women younger than 50 who also did a moderate amount of housework was 30 percent lower than in the women who didn’t.

In fact, housework was found to be more beneficial toward the prevention of breast cancer than exercise or holding down a physical job.

The research of course doesn’t argue that housework has innate magical healing properties, nor does it suggest that you stop exercising or going to work. But combining those activities with the kind of sustained light exercise you get from daily chores is what did the trick. So keep that in mind the next time you spend 45 minutes shampooing beer out of the living room curtains.

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