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So you don’t even have to be much of a sports fan to remember the media circus that was Lebron James’ free agency announcement. Obviously, for any athlete to say, “Look how important I am that I need this one hour show on television to make a 2 second announcement that will betray an entire city of people who believed and hoped in me,” is in terrible taste. The minute that whole show ended Kobe Bryant emerged as a national hero, the one man who had the best odds in the nation of beating the evil triumvirate. Yes, I’m talking about the same Kobe Bryant who’s name I often used to follow by spitting on the ground, the same Kobe Bryant accused of rape, the same Kobe Bryant who didn’t like Shaq in L.A. and insisted on his departure.

Back to Lebron and his stupid “What should I do?” commercial. What should you do, Lebron? I know I would probably stop making an ass of myself on a national stage and maybe stay away from the cameras for a while. I would keep my mouth shut and do my job. Your job is to play a game in front of millions of viewers. You’re job is to stay in peak physical condition and basically go to recess every day while people who actually work for a living escape the daily grind by watching you do what it is you’re supposed to do. What should you do? I may not have all the answers, but here are a few helpful suggestions from the people you betrayed and the one who came before you.

These videos are actually pretty cool.

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