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Getting a Twitter now may have been questionable timing on my part. But as you can surmise from the title of this post, things are lookin’ smooth for yours truly. After next Wednesday, I will have finished 4 of 5 classes, and the final for the last will be a week and a half after. Till then I’m so busy, I figured I’d get all of the blogging out of my system.

On the subject of Twitter, I’ve been following and successively unfollowing many celebrities. Thus far, the most enduring people on this list are PBS and NPR personalities. I say, what’s good enough for Phil Ponce is good enough for me. Seriously though, his blog ain’t half bad.

I usually have a video or two for these posts…..and this is no exception. Thanks to Blume and Cade, respectively.

And to finish up this less-than-interesting psych class, we have to participate in studies. Weak sauce, I assure you, seeing as one had me look at pictures of countless desserts for 15 straight minutes. No dessert reward however. Thus my mind has been preoccupied. Brian, although I forget exactly what Amy Joy was like, I’m pretty sure the Ye Olde Donuts I make on Sundays are pretty damn close. Also, Whipahol? Lord help us. OoOoh! And who knew dark-chocolate-covered acai berries and blueberries could be so damn tasty?

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