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Here is more of the little things that didn’t deserve their own post but are worth a looky loo.  Most of this is from PopCandy, if you didn’t know already.

  • Vampire Weekend and The Black Keys figure out how has their songs in more commercials this year on The Colbert Report.
  • I forget who I was just talking about all the characters on How I Met Your Mother having other things to do when the show finally wraps up, except for Ted.  Turns out that Josh Radnor will do fine as long as there are movies that seem to be the same character he plays in HIMYM; check him out in this trailer.
  • This Def Leppard Tribute band wants to not only sound like the band, but look like them too.  Check out the flyer seeking a one armed drummer.
  • Step Brother’s Rap Album!
  • If you wanted to watch Showtime’s version of Shameless, the pilot is here.
  • While I am getting sick of just reading about Arrested Development movie updates, I don’t seem to actually stop reading them.
  • I thought this funny or die Vander-meme was pretty funny, despite only seeing the animated gif once or twice.
  • The Strokes’ new album has a release date! (Via Mike)
  • Also via Mike, here is a Wikipedia list of misconceptions that are worth a read if you have time.
  • While I haven’t seen either Yogi Bear or The Assassination of Jesse James... this parody is pretty good. (via Doug Loves Movies)
  • I was trying to find some interweb evidence about this, and after some very minimal amount of research, I couldn’t find anything.  So I remember watching the trailer for “The Fighter” and thinking that Amy Adams, for being a big ol’ movie star, did not look as appealing in the short shot of her in her underwear.  Then I remember later watching the movie, seeing the same shot and think “is she wearing different underwear, because that doesn’t look as awkward?”  After rewatching the trailer, I realized that somewhere in the making of this movie, someone had to have said “This is a great movie, except we should definitely add an unnecessary sex scene in it.”  Then after putting in the movie, someone else probably said “I don’t know how we can sell this movie without putting a snippet of that sex scene -that doesn’t even belong in the movie to begin with- in the trailer.  Lets pay an exorbitant amount of money to cgi a tv-acceptable level of underwear on Amy Adams.” I am not a perv, I just find it funny the lengths that are made to make movies sell better and also be acceptable for an American audience.  Also funny, in the research looking for other people who noticed this, I found: cgi-ing off the clothes of Jessica Alba in Machete.


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