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With somewhat long drives to work, I like to fill my time with podcasts and comedy albums. I mentioned this before, but Doug Loves Movies is a great weekly podcast that led to many other great things to listen to like the previously mentioned Garfunkel & Oates and The Nerdist podcast.

The Nerdist is hosted by Chris Hardwick, who is almost completely opposite of the guy who used to host Singled Out, and two other guys who have an hour long long interview/chat with a somewhat famous guest. On the most recent episode, they decided to change the format to a full stand up episode of Comics You Should Know featuring a couple good comics I had never heard of (but worth listening) and my current favorite Kyle Kinane, doing hilarious new material.

But Kyle wasn’t the closer of the show; the last comic was Matt Braunger, who ended the show with a story about a Clown Bar Crawl from when he was still in Chicago. While on it’s own was a fantastic story about how funny it was to have 90 full costume/makeup-ed clowns enter unannounced into a bar, it was even funnier to know that Joan bartended at the Isle when one of these Clown bar crawls came through.

Basically I am saying you should check this episode out. Also, Joan should re-tell her experience with the clown bar crawl.

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