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I thoroughly enjoyed the Carl Kassel “Any Given Sunday” speech, Nora.  He needs to be in more sports movies. But while listening to WWDTM! today, they mentioned scotch whiskey in a can. In a world where Four Loko is banned, by the way. This, coupled with the fact that Jersey Shore has just eclipsed Arrested Development in episode count, and that Joe Buck (toward whom I\’ve made my hatred clear (I should take it easy though on him, though)) gets to call the one of the biggest Bears games in history, makes me irate at America. Yeah, that America.

Via ChartPorn, a site I only recently found out isn’t just for Neil\’s profile pictures, I found some pretty interesting stuff. Google Maps is the best. True that. Double true. Sequels to Original comparison. Heck, even Girl Talk gets some love. I done StumbledOn this a while ago and have been sittin’ on it.

So in this lull weekend between Joe Buck’s idiocy and Superbowl/Black & Yellow/My 20th Birthday, is the NHL All-Star Game. I wouldn’t usually be terribly interested, but the new format this year is a player-captain Fantasy Draft.  The system allows (likely, due to the trash talk) the 4 Hawks to go up against each other. And, fan voting is minimal, which really makes the MLB ASG pretty (rhymes with witty).

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