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In response to Norah’s well thought out and crafted posts, here’s something half-assed. But it can’t wait. HBO is currently airing Angry Boys, an Australian show that’s 3 seasons in so far. Easily on my top 5 comedies list already. I don’t feel the need to tell you how to watch shows online (especially if your computer is your TV). Even Joan couldn’t oversell this show.

Also, this is for Neil and others who haven’t come around to rap/hip-hop. winter break wikipedia-ing and random blogs have led me to Rap Genius. It’s a hip-hop blog that explains songs, line by line. People post and “thumbs up” explanations, like its Wikipedia, and the most liked is the default explanation. Which has led to a lot more resepect for basically any rapper out there, as well as Watch the Throne, which has been on repeat for days. Because my iPod screen is broken.  Basically,  next time you search a song’s lyrics on Google, pick the page.

Shower time. Some of us don’t have school tomorrow.



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