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It has been a really exciting two weeks for the Supreme Court between Healthcare and Strip Searches alone (Rehnquist gone wild!).  Last week on the Daily Show there was a great interview with a law professor who has argued before the Supreme Court named Tom Goldstein.  He argued the case on strip searches that the Court and gave  a hilarious and very articulate interview on the Daily Show last week so check that out. He writes/runs/manages a Supreme Court blog called the Scotusblog.  I finally got around to checking it out and it is both hilarious and educational! Quiet you naysayers and check this out… on the topic of “What if Chief Justice Fred Vinson had not died in 1953?”

“There’s a pretty strong consensus that Chief Justice Fred Vinson was the worst Chief Justice of the twentieth century.  The conventional view goes something like this: Vinson was a bumbling, incompetent political hack, an intellectual lightweight with minimal understanding of complex legal issues, a card-playing crony of Harry Truman who continued to advise Truman even after taking his seat on the Court, a reactionary with horrific instincts in key civil liberties cases, and, worst of all, a major obstacle to unanimity in Brown v. Board of Education.  By this account, the best thing Vinson ever did was to die of a heart attack at precisely the right moment – in the middle of the Brown proceedings in 1953, thus allowing his successor, Chief Justice Earl Warren, to author a unanimous opinion invalidating racial segregation in public schools.”

Throwing shots as the highest court in the land is always hilarious. Now to just work on my Antonin Scalia jokes.

This only reminds me of an equally awesome article from a Newsweek edition that was designed as a travel back in time to 1965.  The article tries to persuade the reader that negative ads are not the slow rotting of American morals (what morals?) but instead push us to do what needs to be done. Check it out!

To top it off who doesn’t love Citizens United jokes?

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