Patton Oswalt…Firsting?

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While I consider myself a proficient internet-er there are still some things that I am constantly learning. Due to my recent discovery of the power of Reddit, a site I’ve known about but have paid little attention to until the last couple of months (As long as you do not mind an abundance of cat pictures and an overflowing amount of atheist views, I highly recommend it.)

Along the way I have run into many unique terms (acronyms) and some interesting etiquette (or bizarre lack thereof). With that being said, it brings me to my point of “firsting,” something I most likely have come across but have never really paid attention to. Urban Dictionary terms it as:

  • The obnoxious practice of responding to a blog post/article/video with a comment saying “first.” Generally this comment will have no substance; it is about nothing other than itself. When the first spot is stolen by a non-firster a firster will often resort to “second!” or “third!”


Needless to say it’s out there and makes people mad, mad enough to give it it’s own Funny or Die video, coincidentally acted out wonderfully by Patton Oswalt, enjoy:

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