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A couple nights ago I was channel surfing and happened across Jason Bateman on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They were mostly discussing Bateman’s upcoming movie, “Disconnect,” but towards the end of the interview, Kimmel brought up “Arrested Development,” and I (and the rest of the Jimmy Kimmel crowd) was made privy to some info regarding the upcoming season. I’m going to assume that what I’m about to post is relatively new information, since I haven’t seen anything recently regarding this here, or anywhere else, as it were.

Bateman pretty much explains everything in the interview, but the gist is that all 15 episodes are going to be released at the same time on Netflix (this we all knew). However, all the episodes are going to be occurring simultaneously. What this essentially means, is that each character has their own episode with their own plot lines which is occuring at the exact same time as the others. Bateman explains it better, starting around 3:30 on the following video:

Also, if you want to see some of the cool promo posters, here they are:


Finally, I will be in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception and even less internet when this is released, so (Kevin, this means you) no spoilers, please.

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