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A couple years ago I bought a used ipod touch and a Nike plus sensor thinking it would motivate me to run more. It didn’t work very well. I like toys but I am cheap and like the idea of tracking things but I am not the best at keeping up with it. Despite my distaste for wearing watches, I have been fascinated with the smartwatch/wearable-tracker movement going on.

I thought something like the Fitbit would great so I could track activity and monitor how good of sleep I was getting. Then I thought something like the Basis watch would be great because it would monitor your heart rate, too. Then there was the Pebble smartwatch that would do a bunch of tracking and also sync with a bunch of apps on my phone. Now Samsung has a cool new watch and band, Sony has a smartband that will track your life, and tons of other companies have various different products. There is even a case you can put on your phone that can track temperature, blood pressure, lung function, heart rate.

While all the hype has been around what Apple is going to do in this field, Google just announced their Android platform for the watch yesterday. Motorola has a watch they are supposedly releasing this summer with it.

While I think all of this is cool, I am too cheap and don’t like watches. I guess this market is huge now, but is anyone that reads this interested in this shit? Would you wear it? Is this something that people want in the future?

Sorry, I will be back to funny videos tomorrow.

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