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In my on-going effort to put off studying and life plans I found these documentaries that are worth a watch.

1. Watchers of the Sky tells the story of Raphael Lemkin who was a Polish-born Jew who fled the Holocaust for the US, created the term “genocide,” and made his life work drafting and ratifying the Genocide Convention. It is based off of one of my favorite books A Problem From Hell by US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power which is also absolutely worth reading. The best part is Ben Firenze (one of the US prosecutors at Nuremberg) who is now an adorable elderly gentlemen charming the pants off everyone at the UN in support of genocide prevention and international accountability.

2. Sin Nombre and Which Way Home are both basically the story of the kids in my class. The former being a movie and the latter a HBO documentary.

3. Netflix has a three-part docudrama series about the Nuremberg trials called Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial if you haven’t already had your fill of Nazi programming via the History Channel.

In case, those did not seem uplifting enough enjoy this list of the best Daily Show correspondents  and their best clips 



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