Holiday Weekend Rando

September 4, 2015 10:14 am Published by

Lots of little things:

  • Today is apparently Force Friday, a crafty marketing event to release of a bunch of Star Wars toys. The best is the BB-8, a robot you control with your phone. Check it out here. If you want links to all the other store specific toys and contests, go to the Star Wars page here.
  • Speaking of Star Wars, have you seen the video of the “The Death Star’s Architect Speaks Out About His ‘Shoddy’ Design”? It is pretty funny. Watch it here.
  • So Jeb Bush is on the first week of Colbert’s Late Show, and was raffling off tickets to the show without letting the show know.  Colbert responded with this video.
  • I didn’t realize there was a method, history, and such specifics about what cockney is.   Watch a video about it here.
  • It seems perfect to end on this one.  WBEZ has a podcast about some Chicago-centric eats that aren’t just deep dish and hot dogs.  I very much want to try the Gym Shoe Sandwich.  Listen or read about it here.

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