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  1. Vikings returns, and here is the Comic Con trailer. Ellen will be thrilled. More Lagertha less crazy second and third wife.
  2. I assume by now everyone has binged through Narcos, and has the theme song stuck in their heads. Turns out the guy who wrote it is a Brazilian guy, Rodrigo Amarante, who plays in Little Joy and is buddies with Fabrizio Moretti of the Strokes. Here is an article about the music in Narcos and the translation of the theme song, Tuyo.
  3. Prior to his befriending of Moretti, Amarante was in a Brazilian band called Los Hermanos. The band name is strangely Spanish but the music is in Portuguese. Their big hit was Anna Júlia, which was later covered by Jim Chapaldi and George Harrison . It is all very 90s, yet I keep listening to both versions.
  4. Post Narcos, I found these two books for anyone who cares to join book club. First,The Dark Art: My Undercover Life in Narco-Terrorism by Edward Follis and Douglas Century is Follis’ memoir as a career DEA agent undercover in Mexico, Afghanistan, and Korea. Second, The Beast by Óscar Martínez who is an El Salvadoran investigative journalist writing about the journey of Central American immigrants via the tops of trains, riding buses, and the unreal perils of the journey throughout Mexico and Central America.
  5. Finally, some of Amarante’s other stuff is pretty good so check out Hourglass.

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