High Fidelity, the TV show

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After being very caught off guard that this existed, I watched the first couple of eps. I have so many thoughts on this, but first, the trailer.

Again, these thoughts are based off of only 2-3 episodes watched. I would say, if you liked the movie, give this a go. For me, it really is a rollercoaster of liking it and not liking it. …

Zoe Kravitz is a good actress. She fits well with the character, but would fit better if she was older. The age she seems now sometimes comes off as whinny millennial rather than someone going through a midlife crisis. You know would have been better? Her mom, Lisa Bonet, who was in the movie.

-The music selection is great. Sometimes too great; they seem like they are trying to targeting a stereotype of vinyl collector too hard . Ie. the abundance of Bowie references seem excessive. Even having Questlove as a music supervisor seems heavy handed.

-Some elements are verbatim from the movie (I don’t know about the book – I’m still working through Love in the Time of Cholera), and some have been updated. Jokes from the movie are played the same exact way (like standing in front of Charlie’s apartment in the rain with the next lover coming from behind), which makes it come off cheap imitation. It seems lazy that the only time she wears sunglasses in the show is the same time Rob does in the movie. I can’t tell why it matters to me but it is weird that the apartment looks like an exact replica of the movie version. And the things that are only slightly updated can be cringing. IE. I got used to the Jack Black/Barry character the more I watched, but it started out as a bad parody of Jack Black.

-Lastly, I know the book was based in London, but the movie was purposely so Chicago (look at all these iconically shot locations), so as a Chicagoan, the HULU show gets a knock against it for putting it in New York. Cause fuck new york, too.

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