Dumb & Dumber

March 10, 2020 10:42 am Published by Leave your thoughts

I got very cynical dismissive last year around this time when someone passed around this list of best soundtracks from Pitchfork. The main reason was because Dumb & Dumber was nowhere to be found on it. It has this fantastic version of Ballad of Peterpumpkinhead by Crash Test Dummies, The Bear Song by Green Jelly, a cover of Get Ready by the Proclaimers, (more fun fact than good song) Take by the Lupins (of Q101 Lance & Stoley’s fame). Although YouTube says this is Crash (’95 Remix) by the Primitives, I swear there was a fantastic acoustic outro.

Maybe the judges didn’t rate it because all of the songs are not on Spotify. Jonathon Brandmeier favorite (I can’t find link to corroborate with my memory of this, but…) New Age Girl by Dead Eye Dick is not on Spotify at all.

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