The (Electric Six) Wildbunch

March 6, 2020 9:59 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Thanks to Mike for the heads up on this: I haven’t gotten excited for a Record Store Day release in a while, but that all changed with this:

From the site: “The group started to hit it big when they were forced to change their name to Electric Six after a rap group, The Wildbunch, threatened legal action.” “During The Wildbunch’s existence, they recorded one studio album, Rock Empire. Pressed on vinyl for the first time, and its first release since its local CD-R only release.”

As a person who scoured Napster and Limewire for these songs and might have a few disk somewhere in the house (they are definitely not on Spotify), I am very exited to hear a pressing of these songs.

Thank you to some even more persistent nerds for posting a bunch of Wildbunch songs to whet the appetite while we wait for Record Store Day:

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