30 Days of Night

I know I’ve been a little lax on the movie reviews lately but I haven’t seen anything worthy of the Bruce.  However, if you are keen to vampire movies, 30 Days of Night will be right up your alley.  Staring Josh Hartnett (yeah, i thought the same thing…but he is surprisingly good in this thriller) and co-written by Steve Niles (who wrote the original comic book) the movie takes us to a small Alaskan town preparing for a month of darkness.  Hmm…sounds like a vampire’s wet dream.  Vivid and gory scenes contrast nicely with the white Alaskan landscape and the vampires themselves are portrayed as ruthless beasts eager to devour whatever flesh they can find.  I would put this up there with The Lost Boys for all time favorite vampire flicks.


Deoxyribonucleic Acid

        Thanks to a one Conrad Stonich I can remember what the acronym D.N. A. abbreviates but what the balls does that have to do with the Bruce? Well friend let me crack an egg of knowledge on you! While Brian is a lover of Hype Machine I have become an addict to Pandora a fantastic music website that plays god with your favorite music selections. Defined as “radio from the genome project” which essentially lets you type in a favorite artist, song, or album and POOF creates a personalized radio station with that band and others that match it containing the same musical elements. For example: on my first try I typed in the Detroit Cobras and for the entirety of this post has been listening too the Greenhornes, Tralala, Miss Derinnger, and Ronnie Spector all which have quite enjoyable. Obviously there is only one way to end this post… with a classic Stonich chemistry joke!

“How do you decipher between a boy d.n.a. and girl d.n.a? Anyone, anyone, anyone at all? Well you unzip their Genes!!!!”

(most likely only Ellen and Kelly will appreciate that)


Six Months Old, Look How Big We’ve Gotten!

Soo big

The Bruce Blog has been going strong for six months now.  Below I am showing the how many visitors that we have to the blog.  And to quote the disclaimer in the counter of our website: “This analysis summarizes multiple page views of an individual visitor into unique visits. A visitor is counted only when bringing up at least one page and taking no longer than 30 minutes between individual pages.” I am not sure if this means that 60 people are looking at this page a day, if it is only three people checking 20 times a day, or if it is people that do google searches and come up with our posts or images.

Here are the stats for February:
Feb Stats

And here is March:
mar stats