Meat is Murder. Tasty, tasty murder.

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shhcago-meat.jpgDue to their name, I can’t imagine that Brazillian steakhouses are unique to Chicago.  I do know that they are popular in Chicago.  I’ve only been once, and it was somewhat of a religious experience at a place called Fogo de Chão.  Here is how it works: You start out with a salad bar stocked with everything you could possibly think of to eat on a salad bar.  Then they bring out a plate of potatoes, these fried bananas and your dinner plates.  Each person has a large coin on their table with red on one side and green on the other.  When the coin shows green, men come to you with huge skewers of meats.  Depending on if its dinner or lunch depends on how many different types of meat are circling the room at a time.  They come over and ask if you want their meat, how tender you want it, and how much.  The men do not stop coming till you turn over your coin.  The salad bar and the potatoes/bananas are always coming too, so you can get stuffed on that rather than the more expensive meat.  It’s pure magic really.

It is a flat price, so you can eat all the meat you want, but that flat price is pretty high.  Worth it though, if you like meat.  I hope all this didn’t make Kelly sick.

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  • Rachel says:

    where were all these delectable meat dens during the “woo rachel to chicago” weekend? The outlook could have been totally different. You have disappointed me once again Brian Travers. I hope your heart is as heavy as my stomach is empty.

  • Brian says:

    I am not saying its yours or anyone’s fault in particular, but what did you expect when “woo Rachel to Chicago” weekend is on the same day as a funeral, moving out day, moving in day and probably some other function requiring us to be at either the Stone or Tucks. All I’m saying is give me some notice (not just those other two), and prepared to be woo-ed.

  • Joan says:

    WOOOOOO RACHAEL!!! come to chicago!!

  • kelly says:

    babyface killer, though it may come as a surprise to you, i have, in fact, been to a churrascaria. once. and okay, it was kind of gross — but if i was carnivorous, it would have been pretty amazing.

    i can only assume that you are referring to ellen and i as “those other two” who didn’t seduce rachel to moving here, but we had an awesome time at that funeral, so it appears that the ball was dropped when rachel was left in your care.

    and my darling rachel, if it’s meat you want, then i shall bait you here with this:
    i’m most looking forward to the part where i get to quilt the bacon…