Word of the day

So I get the Merriam-Webster word of the day email and below is today’s word of the day.

jerkwater \JERK-waw-ter\ adjective

*1 : remote and unimportant
2 : trivial

Example sentence:
“We’re stranded in some jerkwater town in the middle of nowhere,” said Larry when he called to tell us that the car’s engine had blown.

See a map of “jerkwater” in the Visual Thesaurus.

Did you know?
We owe the colorful Americanism “jerkwater” to the invention of the steam engine — an advancement that significantly accelerated travel by rail but also had its drawbacks. One drawback was that the boilers of the early locomotives needed to be refilled with water frequently, and water tanks were few and far between. As a result, the small trains that ran on rural branch lines often had to stop to take on water from local supplies. Such trains were commonly called “jerkwaters” from the motion of jerking the water up in buckets from the supply to the engine. The derogatory use of “jerkwater” for things unimportant or trivial reflects the fact that these jerkwater trains typically ran on lines connecting small middle-of-nowhere towns.

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.


Daniel N. Hamrin


Nick Swardson

I don’t know if any you have seen Grandma’s Boy or are familar with the comedian Nick Swardson but Lizzy and I clearly have too much time on our hands. Anyways these are our two favorite of his videos on his myspace site. But unlike Brian I don’t know how to put videos on the Bruce Blog so here are the links.

Secret video = http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=18981209

Wig Thieves Video = http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=7892865



Cocaine Cowboys

Cocaine Cowboys Poster
This is a documentary (yeah, so I’ve been on a kick lately….get off my back) on the cocaine trade starting in the early 70’s.  Focusing on Miami, FL where the fun began.  Interviews from cops, smugglers and some of Miami’s most dangerous criminals  coupled with newstories of the day tell the horrific events that made Miami the murder capital of the world in the early 80’s. 

 Remarkable footage from local news archives along with evidence photos and real life accounts from the gunmen themselves brings life to the cocaine wars of the 1980’s.  Stunning to see the escalation of the drug trade, the ignorance (and corruption) of the US government and the economic boom (and fall) of Miami.  Puts a whole new spin on Miami Vice.   Trailer after the jump. (more…)


Detroit Cobras

Detroit Cobras
It took me a little while for the Detroit Cobras to grow on me. They are strictly a cover band; they find obscure songs that most have forgot about. The music has got a great garage rock sound and the lead singer, Rachel Nagy, can really wail. Check out their myspace or go to Aural Fitness and check out their review of a recent show. There is another website that has done stories about the songs they have covered. I don’t know if it is still working, but you can check that that out too at http://detroitcobracovers.blogspot.com/


Who doesn’t love dirty jokes and a little violence?!!

SUNDAY October 21st, 2007!

Double Crossers vs
Manic Attackers

The Fury vs.
Hell’s Belles


Come out for your chance to win at the
Derby Girl Double Date Auction With:
Juanna Rumbel & Angel Dustt
Athena DeCrime & Coco Bang Bang
Malice With Chains & Tori Adore
Gun Show Poe & Sonya MouthShut
and Riley Coyote and Gigantor
Dress up in your BEST costume and get your picture taken with our mascot Skella Tory!!!

Guarantee yourself a view from the front row and stroll in before everyone else with your VIP ticket! Choose one of the limited cushion seats reserved for VIPs! VIP Tickets Only Available Online – $25

Don’t forget about the party bus!
Be at the Cobra Lounge by 4pm.

Cobra Lounge
235 N Ashland

Get your tickets at www.windycityrollers.com

Only CASH accepted at the bout for
door tickets, food and beer!
There are no ATMs at The Stadium!