My fellow nerds and I will retire to the Nerdery with our calculators.

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So according to Joan, I am bound to nerd it up in math college. Fact. The Undergraduate Library (or UG, if you’re cool) here has thousands of dvds, and I am currently making my way through the complete Law and Order: Baby Rape Unit. Also included is Mystery Science Theater 3000 collection. Brian and I realized that RiffTrax may actually ruin us for good movies, like Red Dawn. (RIP Swayze, I finally saw Dirty Dancing. Solid gold) So going back to these old sci-fi shitty movies should be good.

Outside of the media presented on this site, I’ve nerded out on some ok stuff. GeekStir shows the best cause I could find to get behind. Super Nintendo Wayne’s World review isn’t funny in substance, but worthwhile for the loops from the classic movie. Sidenote, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to take The Graduate seriously.

Collegehumor posted my pong students showing skills i taught them.

Here is the original picture of Neil. I did it in Microsoft Paint, so easy.


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  • Brian says:

    The link to the wikipedia page about that photograph only makes that funnier.

    And having seen Wayne’s World first, I also fail to take Dustin Hoffman seriously. But I don’t he has ever wanted to be taken seriously. (Cause he’s crazy.)

    The best part about The Graduate/Wayne’s World is the part where he pulls into the gas station and they replace the mechanic with Charlton Heston. The actor in the original scene was actually really awful. Funny!