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stinkcpStereogum does a user voted year-end-wrap-up that resembles the MTV Movie Awards with categories like “Indie Rock Crush.”  One category, “Best Web Videos,” is actually worthwhile.  Check out how out of touch you are just in the last year (or maybe how ‘with it’ you are).  If you haven’t seen the Cleveland Tourism video, I recommend you do.  Also, I thought the SNL sketch about the Underground Festival was pretty funny without knowing that it was a parody of this video.

If those don’t strike yer fancy, then how about something from Barbara Walter’s year end “Fascinating People” list? Except for the bizarre question about her sexuality, this video of Babwa Wawa and Rady Gaga is not that interesting of an interview. Although it is worth it to hear Barbara say “Bluffin with my muffin.” Via MOKB.

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